Wow! It feels like a holiday

It’s amazing how the sense of smell can trigger memories. Our last vacation memory comes back as soon as we open our drawer and find our swimsuit. But we could be disappointed when we find out the elastic fiber is damaged as if someone three times larger has worn it before. What happened? What is the cause of this disaster?



We only need to rinse it? Isn’t it? I don’t know WHY there is a myth around the SWIMSUIT. Without ANY CARE, how can we hope it will remain BEAUTIFUL as NEW and LAST FOR EVER??? We like our swimsuit. It gives us so much pleasure, a sense of relaxation. It is our second skin. However, we do not take care of it. We leave it at the bottom of our drawer and wish it will remain as new as the day we bought it. No! It needs love!


ouac-enh2Unfortunately the sun, the heat, the sand, the sweat as well as sea salt, chlorine, sunscreen and bug spray can damage any swimsuit.

At the end of the day, we have to take care of it as recommended! As with any underwear, it needs to be washed AFTER EACH USE with a mild soap.

Thanks to high standards textiles, the new fabrics are thinner, dry faster, provide support and control, are UV and chlorine resistant. They remain stretchy and return to their original shape even after repeated use as long as the recommended maintenance has been provided.

We should never believe the chlorine is a cleaning agent. The Lycra is an important part of the swimsuit fabric and is rather destroyed by it. We have to clean it after each use in order to keep its beauty and stretch.


How to Take Care: Easy Rules


  • The straps and neckline need to be thoroughly cleaned to get rid of sunscreen
  • Don’t squeeze it just pat it dry
  • Dry it in the shade

That’s all! And we have to do it EVERY TIME we wear it, whether or not we went for a swim!

Talk to you soon,