Our N-O-S BASIC Models... Quintessentially Essential!

If you’re anything like me, you probably opt for a swimsuit that is all-purpose above all else: demure, basic and essential – one that always works well, no matter the occasion. Then, budget permitting, you might look for a suit that’s a little less, well, traditional.

The Opera, Sunflair and Sunmarin brands feature many such back-to-basic options. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

OPERA N/O/S. has seven (7) such suits. They include solid black seperate bikinis and one-piece suits, touting a touch of elegance thanks to Swarovski crystal accents on the straps.

SUNFLAIR N/O/S features some thirty (30) models in black or marine blue, as well as with dots and stripes – all timeless classics. This brand offers the widest choice in all categories, with seperate and one-piece suits, tankinis and accessories (multi-style skirts and pareos).

Whether you’ve had a mastectomy or you’re just looking for extra support, you’ll find what you need with shapewear and tummy control options.

Furthermore, Sunflair offers SOLID COLOR BASICS, which are available in trendy varied colors, season after season.

For the pool, there is Darwin of which Sunflair offers swimsuits for men: SUNMAN.


Lastly, SUNMARIN N/O/S has one (1) model as well as SOLID COLOR BASICS. Two one-piece suits, one of which features a tummy control panel to provide extra support and the second made from Darwin fabric, which is perfect for the pool. The third model, a slimming skirted bottom, is popular for its mid-thigh length. When worn with a tankini top, it changes into a dress.

Basic swimsuit models are timeless and appropriate no matter the occasion. And what’s especially nice is that, most of the time, they’re less expensive than models from the current collection.

Since they’re always available, you can update yours whenever you like.

A must-have for travel, especially if you pack several suits. It’s a go-to choice on days you just can’t decide. Slip on a N/O/S, and you’re ready to make a splash.

Plus, they’re perfectly versatile. They can be worn regularly or like undergarments. For example, a black bikini top can serve as a bra (since it offers comparable support) underneath a transparent blouse. Or a one-piece could be worn like a bodysuit under a blazer.

You simply can’t do without. Long live essentials!

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