Our N-O-S BASIC Models... Quintessentially Essential!

Our N-O-S BASIC Models... Quintessentially Essential!

If you’re anything like me, you probably opt for a swimsuit that is all-purpose above all else: demure, basic and essential – one that always works well, no matter the occasion. Then, budget permitting, you might look for a suit that’s a little less, well, traditional.

The Opera, Sunflair and Sunmarin brands feature many such back-to-basic options. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

OPERA N/O/S. has seven (7) such suits. They include solid black seperate bikinis and one-piece suits, touting a touch of elegance thanks to Swarovski crystal accents on the straps.

SUNFLAIR N/O/S features some thirty (30) models in black or marine blue, as well as with dots and stripes – all timeless classics. This brand offers the widest choice in all categories, with seperate and one-piece suits, tankinis and accessories (multi-style skirts and pareos).

Whether you’ve had a mastectomy or you’re just looking for extra support, you’ll find what you need with shapewear and tummy control options.

Furthermore, Sunflair offers SOLID COLOR BASICS, which are available in trendy varied colors, season after season.

For the pool, there is Darwin of which Sunflair offers swimsuits for men: SUNMAN.


Lastly, SUNMARIN N/O/S has one (1) model as well as SOLID COLOR BASICS. Two one-piece suits, one of which features a tummy control panel to provide extra support and the second made from Darwin fabric, which is perfect for the pool. The third model, a slimming skirted bottom, is popular for its mid-thigh length. When worn with a tankini top, it changes into a dress.

Basic swimsuit models are timeless and appropriate no matter the occasion. And what’s especially nice is that, most of the time, they’re less expensive than models from the current collection.

Since they’re always available, you can update yours whenever you like.

A must-have for travel, especially if you pack several suits. It’s a go-to choice on days you just can’t decide. Slip on a N/O/S, and you’re ready to make a splash.

Plus, they’re perfectly versatile. They can be worn regularly or like undergarments. For example, a black bikini top can serve as a bra (since it offers comparable support) underneath a transparent blouse. Or a one-piece could be worn like a bodysuit under a blazer.

You simply can’t do without. Long live essentials!

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SUNFLAIR 2017 - Top Picks #2

Here is the fifth and last capsule in our top picks series for the SUNFLAIR Cruise 2017 collection.

The SUNFLAIR collection designs will take you back to the 1960s with their flower, polka dot and psychedelic prints. The collection’s bright hues and colours will have you yearning for an early spring. Forget the cold, gray weather and make way for the new season!

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Pick your favourite drink with SUNMARIN!

For our fourth video, we’ll be presenting the entire 2017 collection of Sunmarin and Cruise swimsuits, arriving in store this month. With their vibrant colours, these pick-me-ups will brighten your day. Cheers!

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Luxury, by OPERA!

It’s 2017 and to start the New Year off right, we’re sharing top picks from the luxury OPERA Diamond collection, arriving in stores now. This swimwear collection exudes elegance and refinement for women. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself dreaming of a cruise after discovering the collection’s array of stunning models.

Climb aboard to see for yourself!

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Time for an exotic getaway with Sunmarin!

As promised, we’re back with our series of videos to present swimwear from the Cruise 2017 collection, arriving in your favourite boutiques in mid-December. This time, we’re presenting groups from the SUNMARIN collection whose drink-inspired names will whisk you off to exotic vacation destinations!

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Isabel Brodeur Agency, Now on YouTube!

We’ve made the leap: Our collections can be found featured on our brand-new YouTube channel!

I’m proud to present a first series of videos highlighting favourite top picks from the Cruise 2017 swimsuit collections. We’re kicking things off with the Sunflair groups, expected in store before the end of the month. Take a look and let us know what you think about these stunning and sensational suits.

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How to Pick the Right Swimsuit

Consider your needs, body type, style and budget


How many swimsuits should I have?

Just like with shoes, having several different styles of swimsuits is a good idea. Your swimsuits will last longer this way, since you can rotate them out, based on the occasion. Here are some examples:

  • For the beach, beach parties and trips, opt for one or two “trendier” swimsuits.
  • For tropical vacations, a bikini is ideal!
  • Go for a classic when meeting your in-laws for the first time or hanging out with coworkers at the beach.
  • A simple one-colour swimsuit (blue marine, black, brown, etc.) for business trips.
  • A swimsuit designed for normal or extreme sports.
  • For the cottage, with the kids, stick with tried and true colours – avoid pastels.
  • For the spa and the pool, opt for a 100% polyester, highly chlorine resistant swimsuit (DARWIN with Sunflair beachfashion & Sunmarin beachfashion).



[French] strip


Frequency of wear + type of use + care = swimsuit durability


For many of us, selecting a swimsuit is virtually an Olympic feat! However, a fitter can advise you and help find the right fit to suit your tastes and activities, ensuring your swimsuits are perfectly adjusted to your silhouette.
There’s something for every taste and body type, since a swimsuit is both clothing and an undergarment (see the table below).


Broad shouldersThin or halter straps
Large bustSquare neck and thick straps
Small bustTriangle or low-cut neckTry a swimsuit with ruffles for extra volume
Large thighs or hipsLow-rise or skirted bottom
Dimples or tummyPrints and pleatsTo hide any imperfections


Let yourself be surprised, indulge your curiosity and dip your toes outside your comfort zone to fully appreciate the skill of our stylists and fitters.


Whether you go classic, Zen, hip or athletic;

Whether you prefer single colours or prints, refined fabrics or added jewelry;

You opt for quality, durability and care, or for low prices with a trendy look;

Beyond all these considerations,

what matters most is that you find the swimsuit or swimsuits of your DREAMS!




On that note,

we look forward to seeing how great you look in your swimsuits,

and wish you a wonderful summer.






Wow! It feels like a holiday

It’s amazing how the sense of smell can trigger memories. Our last vacation memory comes back as soon as we open our drawer and find our swimsuit. But we could be disappointed when we find out the elastic fiber is damaged as if someone three times larger has worn it before. What happened? What is the cause of this disaster?



We only need to rinse it? Isn’t it? I don’t know WHY there is a myth around the SWIMSUIT. Without ANY CARE, how can we hope it will remain BEAUTIFUL as NEW and LAST FOR EVER??? We like our swimsuit. It gives us so much pleasure, a sense of relaxation. It is our second skin. However, we do not take care of it. We leave it at the bottom of our drawer and wish it will remain as new as the day we bought it. No! It needs love!


ouac-enh2Unfortunately the sun, the heat, the sand, the sweat as well as sea salt, chlorine, sunscreen and bug spray can damage any swimsuit.

At the end of the day, we have to take care of it as recommended! As with any underwear, it needs to be washed AFTER EACH USE with a mild soap.

Thanks to high standards textiles, the new fabrics are thinner, dry faster, provide support and control, are UV and chlorine resistant. They remain stretchy and return to their original shape even after repeated use as long as the recommended maintenance has been provided.

We should never believe the chlorine is a cleaning agent. The Lycra is an important part of the swimsuit fabric and is rather destroyed by it. We have to clean it after each use in order to keep its beauty and stretch.


How to Take Care: Easy Rules


  • The straps and neckline need to be thoroughly cleaned to get rid of sunscreen
  • Don’t squeeze it just pat it dry
  • Dry it in the shade

That’s all! And we have to do it EVERY TIME we wear it, whether or not we went for a swim!

Talk to you soon,


Welcome To Our New Website!

Hello everyone!

It’s the beginning of a new era at the Isabel Brodeur Agency. Not only have I updated my web site but I am now a blogger as well!
And why not? After 25 years in the business, I thought that I could share relevant information and my knowledge through my blog.

I want to share my experience with you, the boutiques who represent so well those swimsuit and lingerie’s collections. With images and a sense of humor, the information will be also available on my Facebook page. It will be easy to share it with your customers and through your social media.

I am pleased and excited to begin this new adventure!

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