How to Pick the Right Swimsuit

Consider your needs, body type, style and budget


How many swimsuits should I have?

Just like with shoes, having several different styles of swimsuits is a good idea. Your swimsuits will last longer this way, since you can rotate them out, based on the occasion. Here are some examples:

  • For the beach, beach parties and trips, opt for one or two “trendier” swimsuits.
  • For tropical vacations, a bikini is ideal!
  • Go for a classic when meeting your in-laws for the first time or hanging out with coworkers at the beach.
  • A simple one-colour swimsuit (blue marine, black, brown, etc.) for business trips.
  • A swimsuit designed for normal or extreme sports.
  • For the cottage, with the kids, stick with tried and true colours – avoid pastels.
  • For the spa and the pool, opt for a 100% polyester, highly chlorine resistant swimsuit (DARWIN with Sunflair beachfashion & Sunmarin beachfashion).



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Frequency of wear + type of use + care = swimsuit durability


For many of us, selecting a swimsuit is virtually an Olympic feat! However, a fitter can advise you and help find the right fit to suit your tastes and activities, ensuring your swimsuits are perfectly adjusted to your silhouette.
There’s something for every taste and body type, since a swimsuit is both clothing and an undergarment (see the table below).


Broad shoulders Thin or halter straps
Large bust Square neck and thick straps
Small bust Triangle or low-cut neck Try a swimsuit with ruffles for extra volume
Large thighs or hips Low-rise or skirted bottom
Dimples or tummy Prints and pleats To hide any imperfections


Let yourself be surprised, indulge your curiosity and dip your toes outside your comfort zone to fully appreciate the skill of our stylists and fitters.


Whether you go classic, Zen, hip or athletic;

Whether you prefer single colours or prints, refined fabrics or added jewelry;

You opt for quality, durability and care, or for low prices with a trendy look;

Beyond all these considerations,

what matters most is that you find the swimsuit or swimsuits of your DREAMS!




On that note,

we look forward to seeing how great you look in your swimsuits,

and wish you a wonderful summer.