Wavebreaker 2020

Gentlemen, no matter your M.O., stay true to yourself. And so you can do you, there’s Wavebreaker.

This German brand features four (4) product ranges: Premium, Sport, Beach, and Classic. The Classic & Beach swimwear groups use top-quality microfibers and bi-elastic fabric, a new development in the industry.

The Sport & Premium swimwear groups are made with fast-drying, water-resistant, and chlorine-resistant fabric, interwoven with Sorona, a renewably sourced, high-performance polymer fiber. This innovative fabric is particularly soft and flexible.

So no matter your tastes or which group you choose, with Wavebreaker, you are guaranteed top quality and unrivalled comfort.


Your sales representative:

Quebec, Maritimes, Ontario
Isabel Brodeur
1 877 456-2434

Western Canada
Kari Hull
1 604 533-6643